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Return of the Viewfinder

2012 is going to be a great year for the movies. New ones from Werner Herzog and Steve Mcqueen, new ones from Jason Reitman, Whit Stillman and Alexander Payne. Honorary mention perhaps for Christmas 2011’s new one from David Fincher? These have all been and gone and yet there’s still … NEW Christopher Nolan! NEW … Continue reading

‘Thing About A Trailer’ Of The Week

I wasn’t too interested about Todd Solondz new Life During Wartime until I saw this in the trailer: If you need to ask, you’re not ready to know.

Five Reasons Not To Buy Avatar On Blu-Ray Tomorrow

1. If Avatar wasn’t the worst film of 2009 it’s only thanks to the sheer spectacle of seeing a blue man riding a massive dragon on a screen over eight storeys high in three headache-inducing dimensions. The 3D set-up on Blu-Ray at the moment is still the old oneblueeyeoneredeye so the best you can hope … Continue reading

Define ‘Pretentious’

The trailer for I Am Love is just as sumptuous, well scored, and beautifully directed as the movie itself. What it isn’t however is self-regarding, hugely melodramatic and an absolute failure at making you care about most of the characters. Save yourself 118 minutes:

Just One Last Post About Bad Lieutenant

As unspectacular as The Ghost is (see below) seeing in the cinema did afford me one great pleasure: A pre-movie trailer revealing that Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call – New Orleans is finally getting a UK 2010 release sometime in May. For fear of sounding like a stuck record I’ll refrain from telling you how … Continue reading

First Things First

After a long couple of weeks without the internet my new flat has finally been connected to the world wide web. I only hope I’m not too late to warn you. Dear John is a God-awful film. It isn’t only the fact that the characters are boring clichés and Amanda Seyfried’s Savannah is so wholesome … Continue reading

The Two Sides Of The Week’s DVD Releases

The Bad News: The Men Who Stare At Goats – Far too pleased with itself and assured of it’s own insta-hilarious concept. Goats you see?!  It’s a supposedly serious situation but then there are goats! ROFLROFLOMGLOL Nine – A friend of mine who was very excited about this and was presumably just the sort of … Continue reading

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