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Five Reasons Not To Buy Avatar On Blu-Ray Tomorrow

1. If Avatar wasn’t the worst film of 2009 it’s only thanks to the sheer spectacle of seeing a blue man riding a massive dragon on a screen over eight storeys high in three headache-inducing dimensions.

The 3D set-up on Blu-Ray at the moment is still the old oneblueeyeoneredeye so the best you can hope for is the sheer testicle of seeing a blue man riding a tiny dragon on a screen less than two feet high.

This will force your attention onto the dialogue / plot. Which is rubbish.

2. This Summer / Autumn there’s going to be a mass assault on Dixons and Currys as the newly developed 3D Blu-Ray players and 3D televisions get released.

At the same time we’re going to see the Blu-Ray re-release of most of the year’s 3D discs, including (although apparently it’s unlikely they’ll get it done in time) Avatar.

3. This doesn’t even take into account the old truism that for big movies, the first DVD / Blu-Ray release is nearly always a bare bones just the movie and some trailers affair.

You do get some shitty postcards with this disc, but we’re probably going to see a slightly different, increasingly extravagant, Avatar multi-disc Blu-Ray set  released every month from now on.

4. Cameron wants the whole thing back in cinemas in Autumn anyway. With extra footage.

5. The film is terrible and you still haven’t bought The White Ribbon yet or gone to see A Single Man / Exit Through The Gift Shop.


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