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The Two Sides Of The Week’s DVD Releases

The Bad News:

The Men Who Stare At Goats Far too pleased with itself and assured of it’s own insta-hilarious concept. Goats you see?!  It’s a supposedly serious situation but then there are goats! ROFLROFLOMGLOL

Nine – A friend of mine who was very excited about this and was presumably just the sort of person who should’ve enjoyed it went to see it and promptly never mentioned it again.

The Box – This was bad enough in the cinema. Watching it in any situation other than a completely dark room, projected onto a massive screen right in front of your face is just going to encourage the confusion, mind-wandering and boredom.

The Good News:

Inland Empire on Blu-Ray!

Hamlet on Blu-Ray!

I think you all know what you should do.


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