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‘Thing About A Trailer’ Of The Week

I wasn’t too interested about Todd Solondz new Life During Wartime until I saw this in the trailer: If you need to ask, you’re not ready to know. Advertisements

Five Reasons Not To Buy Avatar On Blu-Ray Tomorrow

1. If Avatar wasn’t the worst film of 2009 it’s only thanks to the sheer spectacle of seeing a blue man riding a massive dragon on a screen over eight storeys high in three headache-inducing dimensions. The 3D set-up on Blu-Ray at the moment is still the old oneblueeyeoneredeye so the best you can hope … Continue reading

Define ‘Pretentious’

The trailer for I Am Love is just as sumptuous, well scored, and beautifully directed as the movie itself. What it isn’t however is self-regarding, hugely melodramatic and an absolute failure at making you care about most of the characters. Save yourself 118 minutes:

Just One Last Post About Bad Lieutenant

As unspectacular as The Ghost is (see below) seeing in the cinema did afford me one great pleasure: A pre-movie trailer revealing that Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call – New Orleans is finally getting a UK 2010 release sometime in May. For fear of sounding like a stuck record I’ll refrain from telling you how … Continue reading

First Things First

After a long couple of weeks without the internet my new flat has finally been connected to the world wide web. I only hope I’m not too late to warn you. Dear John is a God-awful film. It isn’t only the fact that the characters are boring clichés and Amanda Seyfried’s Savannah is so wholesome … Continue reading

The Two Sides Of The Week’s DVD Releases

The Bad News: The Men Who Stare At Goats – Far too pleased with itself and assured of it’s own insta-hilarious concept. Goats you see?!  It’s a supposedly serious situation but then there are goats! ROFLROFLOMGLOL Nine – A friend of mine who was very excited about this and was presumably just the sort of … Continue reading

No One Knows About Pie-sian Charts.

Presumably reading reviews of good movies is as tedious as writing them so here is No One Knows About Persian Cats in pie chart form: And here it is in numerical form: And finally a picture: Get ticket. Go and see it.

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