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The ‘Action Movie To Beat’ For 2010

If you’ve seen any of the trailers for Kick-Ass then you probably already know whether or not you’ll enjoy the movie. Violent, loud and sweary – the film pretty much is the trailer. They didn’t even bother to change the soundtrack. Not that that’s a bad thing. Good trailers and good action sequences can have … Continue reading

Surprisingly Straightforward Review – The Father Of My Children

Fairly modest in its intentions The Father of my Children is a beautiful movie that paints a simple, yet engrossingly intimate portrait of one man and his family. Its attention to detail and soft underplaying of emotion only serve to make it more poignant and affecting. The performances are uniformly excellent but the young Alice … Continue reading

Cock Bollocks Shit Balls

The BBC have announced Jonathon Ross’s replacement for Film Whatever Year It Currently Is and it’s none other than … Claudia Winkleman. Having sat through her “coverage” of this year’s Oscars, where she babbled inanities and demonstrated a knowledge of film comparable to a fish’s knowledge of trousers, I can only assume that the BBC … Continue reading

The Milk Of Sorrow

All the beautiful shots, lovely music and incredible landscapes can’t deflect from the fact that this movie is unfortunately very tedious. There’s evidently a deeper meaning here –  about working through the trauma of a civil war – but Milk of Sorrow is just too insistent for us to know that it’s a Piece of … Continue reading

Good Riddance Week Beginning 19/03/10

The Bounty Hunter, Shank, My Last Five Girlfriends, Old Dogs, The Spy Next Door. I don’t know what we did to deserve last week’s releases but I’m certainly glad it’s over. If anything that bad happens again I might actually have to come up with some features just to keep this place ticking over.

So Much Flaming Swordsmanship

Well if it’s good enough for everyone else it’s good enough for us. Here’s that trailer people be talking about: Absolutely EVERYONE is going on about how great this is but I just can’t see it. Apart from that little step’n’slide Michael Cera does at the start and the appearance of Anna Kendrick right at … Continue reading

622 Minutes Of Movies

Kick-Ass is out tomorrow and fingers are crossed for what could be the first completely unpretentious addition to our ‘Best of 2010’ list. Sadly I’m going to have to wait until Sunday to find out if it’s any good as there’s a slew of new releases and one-off previews in Manchester which are conspiring to … Continue reading

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