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Viewfinding The Weeks DVDs

Triangle “Yeah, cos it’s like the Myth of Sisyphus yeah? Originally by “The Greeks” but popularised by a French philosopher you probably haven’t heard of but I definitely have. This film is totes intellectual.” “No no no fool it’s a time travel thing not a purgatory thing. The clue is the title Triangle because it’s … Continue reading

From Paris with Love

The makers of From Paris with Love apparently think they’ve created a memorable, bad-ass action hero in John Travolta’s Charlie Wax. Even worse, John Travolta apparently thinks that he’s a credible, bad-ass actor. Both of these beliefs are sadly misguided. There are a few things I want to say but I’m not sure this film … Continue reading

A Nuptials Obsessed T-1000

Leap Year isn’t as bad as the first fifteen minutes would suggest, nor indeed as bad the last half hour attempts to make it. But that’s still a pretty damning report as all it leaves you with is forty-odd minutes of decidedly average romantic comedy. Amy Adams is really really bad but she’s also saddled … Continue reading

DVD Round-Up Of The Week

If you can possibly believe it I actually sought out and watched Jennifer’s Body last week so that I could do a little DVD review of it today. I had avoided it in the cinema as I was living a hand to mouth existence at the time and couldn’t afford to piss £7 up the … Continue reading

Randall And Hopkirk (Deceased) With Added Paedophilia

“Hi there kids! I’m Peter Jackson director of such films as Braindead, Heavenly Creatures and a moderately popular hobbit trilogy. You liked those ones, didn’t you? “Well, FUCK YOU! I’ve had enough of doing coherent narrative, rounded characterisation, and focused storytelling. From now on when I want to convey emotion I’m just going to use … Continue reading

Telling You Something You Already Know

In a moment of madness yesterday I saw Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. I think I must’ve been scrabbling for content before this weekend’s new releases but if that was the case it was a very poor decision. I didn’t want to watch it and there’s no reason to think you would either. Luckily … Continue reading

I Have Of Late – But Wherefore I Know Not – Lost All My Firth

Gorgeousness and gorgeousity made flesh –  it’s the Tom Ford directorial debut!! This photo does nothing to dispel the accusations that A Single Man is an over-styled fashion love-in rather than a credible movie but I swear to God Officer it’s not true. Okay, so it might have been Art Directed to within an inch … Continue reading

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