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Egg On And Around The Face

Unfortunately the post below is unright and purwrong. Up has no intention of being released on February 1st and I don’t know where that idea came from. Instead you are going to have to wait until the 15th. Sozerbaijan. Advertisements

Causing Emotionally Unstable People To Wet Themselves

Three DVD releases of note this week and it’s a case of  The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful as the final offering is an extra shiny Blu-Ray re-release of 2007’s Stardust. The film is pretty much The Princess Bride all over again so y’know … fairy tale shit and all that. Very good but … Continue reading

The Fourth Best Film Of The Year

Excitement at Viewfinder HQ was running high last week when Jacques Audiard’s new film A Prophet was released. Emerging from behind the blinding arse-star of James Cameron’s Avatar this movie was being touted as a strong contender for Best Film of 2010 and having many many glowing reviews written about it. If this is the … Continue reading

Above Average Student Drama About The War

Brothers is a remake of the 2004 Danish film Brødre but it feels much more like a cinematic adaptation of an intense American play – All My Sons, for instance, comes easily to mind. The whole thing is a little too theatrical;  the characters feel reduced – the “good” brother destroyed by war, the “bad” … Continue reading

More Films We Haven’t Seen

Three excellent new DVD releases scheduled for Monday and in keeping with my poor cinema attendance in 2009 I have seen only one of them. Apparently these are also all out on Blu-Ray, but since Santa never brought that HD TV I asked for it makes no difference to me. Cloudy with a Chance of … Continue reading

The Boys Are Back

The first time I was made aware of The Boys are Back‘s existence was when I saw a poster for it at a train station. That was pretty much one time too many. Average direction, average script and average acting; after the first twenty minutes I was willing the pieces to fall into their inevitable … Continue reading

Up in the Air

I was going to start this with some crack about Georgeous Clooney managing to become one of Hollywood’s biggest names despite only ever starring in comedies where he essentially gets to play himself (see Fantastic Mr. Fox, Burn After Reading, O Brother Where Art Thou, and any of the Ocean’s films). It’s the kind of … Continue reading

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