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On Pandora no one can hear your shitty dialogue

There were two thoughts that went through my mind immediately after Avatar finished. The first is that I will probably never want to own the movie on blu-ray or DVD. The second is that I would possibly be willing to stump up the cash to see it again in the cinema. Not soon you understand, … Continue reading

Where The Melancholy Things Are

Well it’s only a week late but here’s what the most important mind in film journalism has to say about Spike Jonze’s Where The Wild Things Are – “It’s Aces”. I who was so sceptical and ready to be disappointed am now thoroughly shamefaced by this movie’s excellence. If I went in for such things … Continue reading

Me & Orson Welles & I

I have been very tardy in my viewing of that most important of releases Where The Wild Things Are and I cannot apologise to you enough. My weekend viewing was hijacked by friends and I was made to go and see Me & Orson Welles instead. But I now have my ticket and barring major … Continue reading

A Single Man

Something the Viewfinder Generals are currently excited about  is the approaching directorial debut of fashion designer Tom Ford – a film adaptation of Christopher Isherwood’s 1962 novel A Single Man. Our interest was first aroused when we heard that the movie would be sharing a production team with one of our favourite ever TV shows … Continue reading

… and then a Hell Beast ate them.

Because I’m saving my pennies for this Friday’s Where The Wild Things Are and The Limits of Control I have not been to see Me & Orson Welles or The Descent: Part 2. Which means you won’t ever know what I think about them. I’m sure this is a harsh blow to you all. To … Continue reading

Something to talk about over Christmas dinner.

Viewfinder General has learnt some very important social lessons this last couple of months. The most important of which is probably ‘Don’t talk about The Human Centipede around people you’ve only just met’. Trouble is, at the time I’d only just heard about it and as I couldn’t find any news about a UK distribution … Continue reading

Richard Kelly’s Demented Circus.

Just when you thought that the UK’s newest film blog was also its least well researched – Lo! A review of a film I have actually seen. Okay. ‘cough cough’ *shuffles papers* … The Box Directed by Richard ‘Donnie Darko‘ Kelly. Starring David Cameron Diaz, Cyclops from those X-Men movies and Richard Nixon. If you … Continue reading

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